You are currently viewing A STRAY MIND IS UNSAFE

First it strolls into regret street, then take a public transport to distraction avenue. Soon it is at FEAR OF THE FUTURE highway and then turns at DOUBT roundabout. At the end of the journey it’s left INEPT and REDUNDANT at INDECISION Crossroad with bounties of poor results, regression and heart troubles.

Am sure you get the picture. A mind that wanders is left wounded.

Why Stray when you can Stay. Stay your mind on God, stay your thoughts on His Word, on His Promises and His love.

Let’s stroll quickly to Isaiah 26:3 – It says God keeps in perfect peace the mind stayed on him. As simple as this word is, it has been proven true.

A heart STAYED on God, is a heart at PEACE.

Leave the past where it belongs and look to God for NEW BEGINNINGS

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