You are currently viewing YOUR LIFE DESIRES IN FLAT 4

Heart desires, do they end…they range from having immense wealth, a great love life, to living in a choice part of the world, to having a car, and to enjoying good health.

Got desires? …. Join me at Psalms Avenue right at Block 37 Flat 4. It’s the flat that houses all your life desires. They are all there.

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart’’

You see, it’s there – The one who delights in the Lord will have all his heart desires met.

It is very easy for the heart to be loaded with complaints, worry, anger, and unrest. That’s the wrong flat ooo, if you are there quickly relocate Flat 4!

Admittance is free and all the luxuries you need is there.

Today, make the decision to give your heart to Delighting in God; it’s rewards are enormous.

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